Adventures in PRAYER: A 40-Day Journey Introduction

Welcome to 2018.

I love clean slates, fresh starts, and a long winding adventurous road ahead of me. In my years, prayer and intercession is the map that keeps me on that road. It’s the compass that keeps me focused and pointed north. Prayer is the constant that provides all the needs for this uncharted 365 days.

I wrote Adventures in Prayer in response to Pastor Thomas Miller’s request that I invite people into my prayer room.  He further went on to say, “what goes on in there that translates to hearing God, obeying God, enjoying God and overflows to define a culture of prayer at our church?”

That was a good question. I wasn’t sure how to answer it. And, as the writing process unfolded I discovered it’s actually a lifetime of adding one day, one scripture, one God encounter, one act of obedience, one failure where faith picks you up again (and often repeated agains) at a time.

Our prayer life with God is a constant. It’s evergrowing. It has its stagnant stale seasons that create a loneliness and longing is us. It has it’s ah-ha’s that change the way we see God, see ourselves and ultimately see others. Our prayer life is not a list of words, do’s and rote memorizations.  Our prayer life is our very heartbeat that connects to a living God we know as Father, Savior, Spirit.

Our prayer life involves faith, hope, and love. Our prayer life includes the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. Our prayer life takes time and nurturing and guarding. Just like scripture reminds us to guard our heart; prayer is a matter of the heart.  Sometimes the whole heart, often the broken heart, at times the healing heart. But prayer is a matter of the heart; His and ours.

So …. join me as we walk through these 40 days.  My desire is to give some background, add a visual or video as the days unfold.

AND, one of my primary goals is to provide a venue for you to ask questions and request prayer.  So please PLEASE use the comment section.

Let’s get started.

Mary Jo

6 thoughts

    1. Dear liftedforlove, what a wonderful name! Pray you are connected in new ways to the heart of God through prayer!

  1. I just love that you’re doing this😍
    Going through the book again and dialoguing with others. Capital idea💞

    1. Dear RyAnne, Captial idea … love that thought. I’m learning a lot myself. Isn’t that the best when the teacher becomes a student. Thanks for your encouragement.

  2. Dearest Mary Jo, I acquired this delightful prayer journal at your book launch and have read it several times. I loved knowing each day was a new topic, lesson and adventure, so when I came to day 40, I just couldn’t bring myself to read it. Until last week on December 31. “It’s time to read Day 40”. How appropriate. I was inspired to go on a virtual tour of 2017. Remembering all the things, I journaled the highs and lows finding His blessing in every place. My heart is full of thanksgiving! Thank you for writing and leading this journey, Friend.

    1. Dear Trish, What a story … isn’t it wonderful and so personal the way God directs us! What a year behind and a year to come! Love you, Mary Jo

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