Adventure in Prayer: Day 2 Life in the Spirit


Adventure in Prayer: Day 2 Life in the Spirit

There’s so much to be said about a journey. One it takes time. Two, hindsight will be a great gift.

I listed in the book the anchors God taught me in the first weeks of my relationship walk with Him. Today, take time to inventory your prayer disciples.

I learned about:

The joy of corporate worship.
The power of His presence.
The wonder of His speaking in a gathering— speaking corporately and personally.
The value and discipline of a daily devotional.
The impact of wordless praying.
A hug, an act of kindness, a tear; any expression that engaged God in my life.
The gift of praying in the Spirit and with understanding.
The weightiness of prophetic words.

I learned to:

Recognize His still, small voice, the whisper of God.
Hear God speak through the written Word;
my Bible became my prayer book.
•Distinguish the difference between my voice, the enemy’s voice, and God’s voice.
Value the transparency, honesty, and necessity of prayer partnerships.
Trust God to arrange my calendar for His plans and purposes.
Seek His presence first and His provision after that.

This is not an exhaustive list. But it’s a great start to you mediating and asking God about your prayer life. Ask the Holy Spirit what He wants to help you with. He is the HELPER, after all. Be intentional. Write down areas you are focusing on. Find a scripture to undergird this part of your journey.

I’m cheering you on!


Mary Jo

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