Adventures in Prayer: Day 9 Traveling the Scriptures

I was a stewardess for 14 years. I learned a lot about traveling.  Each trip had a origination and a destination. Each trip was unique because the date, people and crew were different. Each trip has a flight plan the pilots followed; predetermined due to weather, traffic, and other variables. Each trip was an adventure!

Our life is a lot like this. Stick with me. Even in the routine, monotonous, day in and day out living there are the unexpected, unplanned and unforeseen circumstances. There are prayer needs, burdens, crisis in our health, families, cities, country, nations.  There are variables every day that would help if we had a flight plan!

Traveling through scriptures is a wonderful way to pray.  Let the Holy Spirit begin a conversation. God wants to show you His plans, prepare you for our days, show you how to pray for any person, place or situation.

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