Adventures in Prayer: Day 10 Thirsty


“I love you and I will never leave you…

but we will not go further than we are right now

if you continue drinking.”

Those words pierced my heart.

I couldn’t look in the mirror. Because when I did I saw someone I was ashamed of. I saw someone who was trying to hide from the pain she was carrying. I saw someone who was weary and battle fatigued and losing a war.

But… in the mercy and kindness and goodness of our God, He gave me the strength and the courage to choose HIM. I said no to living with pain my way and yes to dealing with pain HIS way.

Grateful doesn’t even come close to describing these past 35 years. I share this testimony to say, there is a way out. God makes a way when there seems like no way.

Jesus is the way. He’s the Truth and He’s the life. He came that day to set me free. He’s there for you today!

Listen and let me pray for you!

Love, Mary Jo

One thought

  1. Simply powerful.
    Thank you for so much rawness and humility while plowing all the fogginess around prayer. I love you!

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