Adventures in Prayer: Day 25 Second Chance

Adventures in Prayer: Day 25 Second Chances
Second chances to hear God and obey … Indeed!
But tonight God had something to say about you and I and OUR second chances, third chances … however many we need, God never gives up on us!
Listen in …

Here’s the link I mentioned to Rev Sammy Rodriquez’s

“Even when you gave up on God, God never gave up on you. Rest assured, God will finish what he started in you and your loved ones; in Jesus name!”


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5 thoughts

  1. Pastor Mary Jo, thank you again for your book and this video blog. God has renewed in me a deep love for prayer through your obedience. I am praying more and listening even more. I am taking time to listen to His heart. He is prompting me to ask people how I can pray for them and as a result He is drawing me into His inner circle of love. Thank you.

    1. Dear Cindy, I’m certain your inner circle will become ripples that touch many! Thank you for your encouragement …. pray on!

  2. Even when i missed this is if is not every night .i love that you follow the holy spirit .And hear God on what days to do it

    Please pray, i need prayer partners as you said before how important it is to have people pray in our behalf

    This world is becomimg so busy is hard to find prayer partners

    Also if you can tell me the link for Sammy Rodrigiez videos i didnt came up with rhe one you post it

    Have a blessed weekend!
    Aysha Figueroa

    1. Yes! Lord, you orchestrate partnerships! Aysha will be answered prayer for someone else who is also desiring prayer partners!
      PS scroll down the link worked yesterday! Blessings!

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