Adventures in Prayer: Day 26 Finding Rhythm

Adventures in PRAYER: Day 26 Finding Rhythm

Rest is NOT accumulative. In other words you cannot deposit a week of rest into your body, soul and spirit bank and draw on it for the next 7 weeks. That’s not how it works.

God has unforced rhythms of GRACE to help you live at HIS pace and rhythm.

Come listen in…


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  1. Good morning Mary Jo! I really enjoyed this blog post and look forward to each new one. One of my places of rest is quilting. I specifically remember one day when I was sitting on my sofa finishing a quilt and knew that Jesus was standing in the room watching me with a big smile on His face. I knew He was enjoying watching me do something I loved. That experience reinforced His love for me personally. He is so thoughtful in the ways He expresses His pleasure of me.

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