About Me

I have been on the most incredible adventure of my life. It all revolves around one decision and two words. In 1976, God interrupted my life of confusion, calamity and chaos. One decision: I understood Jesus was the way, the truth and the life, and I chose to follow HIM. Two words: Prayer and Intercession.

God has taken prayer (my personal relationship with HIM) and intercession (my willing partnership with HIM)

  •  introduced me to incredible people,
  •  taken me to never dreamt of places and
  •  given my life eternal purpose.

God’s blessed me with family and friends and then whispered full-time ministry in my ear.  Little did I know then but I was about to stop into the most “suddenly” wonderful-surprise chapter of living prayer.

In 2004, I joined Gateway Church in Southlake, TX as Pastor of Prayer and Intercession.  I count it one of God’s greatest blessings to co-labor alongside powerful praying and worshiping men and women and serve a congregation that is pursuing an ever-growing dynamic, effective prayer life; individually and corporately.

I love using every tool to inspire and exhort people in their prayer lives; from teaching to training to writing, social media venues and even baking bread.

Here we will learn together. Always learning to live prayer outloud and there is always another bread recipe to try and Shabbat dinner to plan.

That brings me to you. I hope you’ll enjoy this website. However, my deepest desire is that you will see past me and see HIM! He wants to talk to you, meet with you, stretch you, grow you, use you and enjoy you from here to eternity.

Mary Jo