Prayer. Puppies. Poppyseed Bread.

Engage me in conversation and at some point I’m most likely to mention prayer, puppies and / or poppy seed bread.

Prayer – that’s me! I mean I’m passionate about engaging God in every area of my life. Prayer is that living-breathing relationship and partnership with God.  Prayer is who and what we were created for and it’s my greatest adventure ever!  To share prayer with others is my greatest joy!  I want to shout from any rooftop or mountain-top or to anyone who will listen that prayer is simple, pure, powerful and our greatest calling!


Puppies – this was a big surprise and a God-suddenly! Nowhere on the rest-of-my-life radar were puppies.  However, I have discovered that God knows what I need without my even asking. “I will answer them before they even call to me.” Isaiah 65:24. I’m asked what breed.  Actually, the girls are not a breed. They are people who came from the Maltese Tribe.  Honor and Glory are a source of love, laughter and a little bit of much–needed-lingering.  Puppies … what can I say!!!


Poppyseed Bread – I was a Home Ec Major in college. Yes, it was a real major and I’ve kept my 60’s textbooks to prove it.  My love for cooking and baking just never included bread making.  Then God interrupted my busyness and started talking Sabbath.  And what’s Sabbath without Challah Bread! I had no idea how much there was to be learned about God, the Word and hearing His voice until I started messing with flour, water and yeast!  Much more on that later…

Actually, I have more “P’s” in my life; photography (seeing what God sees) prophetic (hearing and echo what God is saying) patience … whoops, how did that get in here!

What I’ve discovered about prayer is I’m not alone.  I have lots of company.  Loving God, growing in our faith, living the living Word, is not limited to gender or age. Men, women, young and old are drawn to seeing and understanding God in their lives.

Thus … my new journey of sharing living prayer begins here!