Adventures in PRAYER Endorsement

“Adventures in Prayer is a must-read for those hungry to expand their prayer lives. Refreshing. Challenging. Inspiring. When I finished, I said, “Wow, God, thank you for this volume of prayer gems.” You, too, will be touched in unexpected ways, no doubt, as you let the Holy Spirit spotlight special passages for you to ponder and act upon. Over the years, I have counted on Mary Jo’s faithfulness in praying for me and with me. One of my favorite places in all the world is her personal prayer room— her tent of meeting. She not only knows how to meet and hear God, but also has led hundreds of individuals on a more powerful prayer journey. I believe this book will encourage thousands more in their prayer walks.

Read, pray and be blessed.”

Quin and Mary JoPersonal note:  In 2002 while attending Wagner Leadership Institute I met and became friends with Quin Sherrer, one of the schools Instructors.  A prolific writer, having written or co-authored over  30 books on prayer she quickly became a mentor, spiritual mom and eventual a dear dear friend.  I was honored to have her endorse Adventures in PRAYER: A 40-Day Journey and blessed in her belief in me and my life message. 




  • Writer and Coauthor of 29 Books on Prayer
  • Conference speaker and Teacher
  • A Women’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare